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Aerospace and Defense industry is involved in the manufacturing of spacecraft, commercial military, private aircrafts, tanks, bombs, missiles, associated navigational and guidance systems, artillery, ammunition and others. Aviation gives an extensive variety of openings for work to working experts around the world. Aerospace finds business in commercial aircraft, satellites, space stations and others. The Defense sector includes defensive systems and production of military weapons. Research & Development is the major aspects of the aerospace and defense industry. The companies in aerospace & defense industry are involved in manufacturing, sales & services and research & development of aircraft, watercraft, weaponry, information systems, and spacecraft. Increase in the development of new technologies is boosting the growth of IT companies in defense industry. Developing and developed countries invest heavily into modern equipment and effective weapons and ammunitions for safety, security and war purposes. Various computer software and technologies are used to keep each countries data secure and keep confidential.


Due to the demand of fighter jet planes equipped with missiles and other ammunitions globally, aerospace industry is witnessing a rapid growth. Scientists develop application specific spacecraft and space shuttles for research and to explore the planets in our galaxy. This has led to significant growth of the aerospace industry and is contributing in the development of global aerospace science. Due to the economic development of countries and emerging nations with high disposable incomes, commercial aerospace sector is witnessing rapid growth. Defense is a vital sector which safeguards the entire nation and its people.


Therefore a robust and strong defense system is necessary for each and every nation, which is empowering the growth of defense industry. Conflicts between various countries regarding some international issues propel war situations which add to increased defense budgets and purchases for military weapons and equipment. These products are purchased by their respective federal governments for development and growth of their defense systems. Aerospace and defense industry is therefore a vital organizations for the safety, security, research and development of every developed as well as developing economies around the globe.


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