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Transportation Adhesives Market in North America

Client:  Global chemical manufacturer

Geography: North America

Business challenge: Client wanted to identify the market opportunity and developing targeted market strategies to achieve growth within the transportation adhesives segment.

Approach: Secondary research targeted at competitive market intelligence from various sources (paid and freely available public data). 40 primary interviews were conducted to ensure correct market numbers.

Result: Client was provided with a detailed market report of 263 pages, client got premium insights in terms of which geographic regions to target for expansion and which suppliers to be a part of their supply chain.

Investment Study for Medical Devices

Client:  Leading Venture Capital Firm

Geography: Global

Business challenge: With an investment of more than $50 million in various start ups the client was looking to invest in upcoming medical devices firms.

Approach: Historical data of medical devices startups were analyzed across regions were studied, extensive primary interviews with veterans in the industry was conducted.

Result: Based on our insights, client was able to identify the regions to target for investments in medical devices startups.

New Product Market Opportunity Study

Client:  Leading Food and Beverage Company

Geography: Europe

Business challenge: Client wanted to know the target audience for its new product.

Approach: A detailed survey of 700+ respondents was conducted including online survey, focused group.

Result: Based on our survey report client brought in the desired changes in the product and successfully launched the product.

Branding and Path to Market Study

Client:  Leading Power Company

Geography: Europe

Business challenge: This power company wanted to explore the potential of expanding its business model by adding other services in its portfolio and to explore corresponding new corporate identity branding strategies.

Approach: Conducted exhaustive research to benchmark successful and unsuccessful strategies and then conducted brand analysis to offer strategic branding alternatives.

Result: The client focused on services that leveraged their core competencies and provided true value to their clients.

Competitive Benchmarking Study for Cyber Security Provider

Client:  Leading IT Company

Geography: United States

Business challenge: Client wanted to us to come up with a competitive benchmarking study for its cyber security business

Approach: Secondary research followed with interviews of industry experts from competitor organizations

Result: Based on our market insight report with detailed competitor analysis helped our client to formulate winning strategies against competition.

Global Automotive Sensors Market Study

Client:  Global Semiconductors Company

Geography: Global

Business challenge: Client wanted to understand the market potential and formulate its business strategy

Approach: We conducted in-depth market assessment covering market segments & size, value chain, and potential distribution channels.

Result: The client was able to gain in-depth understanding of market dynamics including critical factors such as buying criteria, preferences and requirements.

What our Clients say

We love the presentation you provided and we use it on daily basis to assess the market situation. It is definitely one of the best analysis we have got in long time.

- Global Sales Director

The “Affordable Market Research” is an extremely useful offering, be cautious, we might sneak a few dozens of files soon.

- CFO, Tier-III Healthcare company

The contents you are providing are just fabulous that to at an unimaginable cost as compared to giants in this industry. Timely delivery is icing on the cake!!

- Country head, leading power supplies company
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